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The flipside


50 unique words

Someone told her to flip a coin. Heads was a YES. Tails was a NO. And from that point, life was easy. Binary.







Should she make her bed?


Should she do her homework?


That was disappointing.

Should she flip again and check?


Should she do her homework tomorrow?


Should she do her homework never?


Heads. Tails. Life was easy. Flip her questions from her bed. No homework.

Questions, questions, questions.

Tomorrow questions, questions, questions.

Someone told her she was disappointing. She should use that coin to make a life.

Her life was disappointing her. Yes. But she was afraid. Afraid to ask questions from her bed that might flip her life back into uncertainty.

Heads and tails was a binary.

Make her bed? Yes. No. Check.

But the point of her life? What should she do with it? What was the point of it? What was the point of her?

Uncertainty swilled. How might she get her life back?

She should never flip a coin again.

Tomorrow she might ask questions of the stars? No.

Of the cards? No.

Of her brain?

‘Brain, what should someone do when afraid?’

Week 17

A few weeks ago I tried a George Saunders exercise (200 words exactly, 50 unique words). I managed an approximation on the unique words front (69).

Having vowed that I would never do it again, I kept thinking about the exercise. To the point where I decided to just have another go. The game felt a lot easier and more fun the second time around!

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