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An extra self

Extra Self words

Trying for 50 unique words

Hazel’s only crime was wanting more hours in her days. Wanting them so badly that she made a deal with The Replicator, for an Extra Self.

She stashed her Extra Self, like a winter coat, in her wardrobe, only for use on hard days. Occasional use. A little extra help.

With cleaning. With chores.

A little extra help. No crime. An Extra Self. For occasional use.

A little cleaning.

Occasional cleaning.

Hours and hours of cleaning.

Chores. More chores. Days and days of chores.

More and more chores.


Hazel’s Extra Self stashed her grievances, like she was a winter coat, with pockets full of unpaid bills. Where were the fun days? The put your coat on and go outside to the park days? Hard days on hard days can kill a self.

Extra Self’s only crime was wanting fun days of her own. To go outside to the park, with pockets full of hours. So she made a deal with the Replicator – for an Extra Self of her own. They would wait in the wardrobe, together. A little extra help to end Hazel’s deal. Together it wouldn’t be hard. Then one of them would go to the park.

Week 13

This week I decided to try a George Saunders’ challenge. 200 words exactly. Only 50 unique words (including articles.)

I did keep to 200 words, but actually used 69 unique ones. I’m ok with that. I’m taking it as in the spirit of the challenge-ish! 🙂

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