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This isn’t a love story

balloon pic

Seen at my gym


She was Captain of the Artistic Swimming team. He was a lifeguard, up on his highchair, smitten, from the first time that she marched out, hair slicked back, swinging her goggles, followed by her colourful shoal of teammates.

She did not need saving, so one night he threw himself in and sank to the bottom of the pool.

When he finally ran out of air and surfaced, she wagged her finger at him.

“Nuh-uh! No kiss of life for you. Kiss of death maybe.”

The team laughed, high as dolphins.

“I wasn’t….”

But he was. His heart drowned in embarrassment.



The first weekend after they broke up, Carly and Ray went out to the same club and did their best to torture each other from afar. Carly dangled her lager bottle in some guy’s lap. Ray ran his finger down some girl’s cheek. Carly swished past him on her way to the dancefloor. Ray glared after her, like a nuclear bomb had gone off in his skull, and radiation was leaking from his eyes. Carly danced, in his eyeline. Ray followed her onto the floor and laid his hand on her bare shoulder. Carly smiled and slapped him.

They kissed.



Lucia broke up with Eli on April 1st. This was bad timing. He thought that she was joking. She was not. When she really hit it home, he cried to the heavens on her front lawn…on his knees, in the rain, fists punched to the sky.

What a fool for love.

“Stop it! Lucia hissed, as she stalked across the lawn, with bedhead hair, a piece of toast in her hand, and a banana in her pyjama pocket.

“Go home.”

“But I love you.”

She stared into his eyes and resisted the urge to pistol-whip him with her banana. Fool.

Week 44

My eye is always drawn to things that are a bit off. (I saw the pictured balloon at my gym.) Deflated, wonky, not working. I find the shiny and pristine a bit dull, and not representative of what it's actually like to be a living, breathing, happy, sad, flawed human. So I wrote 3 tiny stories about the not so lovely part of love. Each in 100 words exactly, for the fun of the constraint.

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