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The Truth Switch


Once in a blue moon there’s an asteroid strike so big that you can’t survive it. It will take you out with that first blow, or the waves, the fires, the winter that spreads. Not fun, but fast. A blessing compared to when the aliens fly in and flip the truth switch.

All you’ll see, as you look up from your patio, or your lawn, or out of your window, is a bright blue wash of light. Like the Universe is putting on a laser show. As it burns away the human part of your brain that lets you lie.



It was the kind of apocalypse you never saw coming. A winter of cold hard truths, starting on the day the aliens arrived. They flew in with their sleek silver ships, and hovered over the droves, as you gawped upwards, open-mouthed. It might have been kinder to kill you?

Instead, the alien ships lasered away your ability to lie. No more white-lie-pleasantries with strangers. No more appeasing your neighbours, over the fence. No more pacifying your kids and bolstering your spouse. You just can’t. Instead…

Your baby is ugly.

I’m not sorry.

You’ll probably lose.

I don’t love you anymore.



Sticks and stones can break bones. Asteroids can crush you. But the slowest death of all is death by a thousand words. Since the aliens flipped the truth switch, your relationships have been burned red and raw, by the truths you’ve unleashed. And the truth blows you’ve taken. Hits to the heart.  Constant truth is…unworkable.

This week you told your boss to go-f**ck-himself. Not for the first time. Your warnings are clocking up. You’ll be fired. And he’s already told you how he’ll dance on your empty desk, and wish it was your grave. Didn’t you used to get along?

Week 22

colour book

I have my hands on this riveting looking book, ‘The Secret Lives of Colour’ by Kassia St Clair. Just the cover has me thinking about colour, and in doing so, I remembered the Three Colours Trilogy of films, directed by Krzysztof Kieslowski. (Blue, white and red.)

I wanted to take those three colours, and some of my associations with them, and create a tiny trilogy of my own. Each of the colours is a piece that is 100 words exactly, an exercise I have tried once before, as a fun constraint.

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