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The making of…

Image by Pexels from Pixabay

01/01/2023, 16:22 – Ricky Vanlu: Hi Dex, do me a massive favor? I’m working on a charity fundraiser and they need handsome dudes to be auctioned to go on a ‘date’ with the highest bidder.
I’ve done loads of these – it’s usually just a boring meal at a fancy restaurant with some rich guy’s partner. *I promise nothing as dangerous as that last horse drag 😜🤞* 


01/01/2023, 16:32 – Dex Rhymes: RICKY! Happy New Year mate! Was Santa good to you? Uh…is this legal? No offense but it sounds proper dodge. What if they’re 60? No offense. You know I’d do anything for you though.😉 

I’d catch a grenade for you Throw my hand on a blade for you I’d jump in front of a train for you You know I’d do anything for you…🎶


01/01/2023, 16:41 – Ricky Vanlu: Yeah, got some more socks from my Mom! 🫣 No, totally legit, just a bit cringe. But it’s all for charity!
I know you’d raise A LOT of money and get the bidders as frothy as Sundance! (She’s a nice horse, but 5 minutes in the sun and she’s soooooo sweaty…)


01/01/2023, 16:49 – Dex Rhymes: Socks? NICE! Does she think you’re 60? WAIT! ARE YOU 60? And you’ve just had a lot of work done? 😆 Makes sense. Your knees are shot, and that’s why I have to ride for you granddad? Plus you’re too good for a bit of horse sweat? I get it. And now you’re going to throw me to the cougars. Ok then. (That’s a YES).


01/01/2023, 16:53 – Ricky Vanlu: Phew! Thanks man, you’re a lifesaver! I’ll email the deets.
Careful, those cougars’ll eat you alive! On the upside, you can order as much 🥩&🦞 as you want!
PS My knees are fine, just wanted to give you some extra time on camera 😝


01/01/2023, 17:06 – Dex Rhymes: 👍




15/01/2023, 02:02 – Dex Rhymes: Well. That was something. You owe me…


15/01/2023, 02:23 – Ricky Vanlu: ANYTHING! I mean it. You took a bullet for me there. Just like you’re gonna in today’s scene! 🤣


15/01/2023, 02:25 – Dex Rhymes: Anything? Ok. You should come with me. 


15/01/2023, 02:26 – Ricky Vanlu: ?


15/01/2023, 02:48 – Dex Rhymes: Some dude bought me to come to his 6 year-old daughter’s Birthday party. You know she’s going to totally cry when she figures out I’m not the real Ricky Vanlu. Sure, I’ve got you on the looks. But you know she’s going to want the all-singing all-dancing Ricky. I mean… 😓I am NOT singing. Not even Happy Birthday. She’s gonna hate me!


15/01/2023, 02:56 – Ricky Vanlu: Ugh! Kids! Gross! But if you’re too scared to do it alone… I’ll come and hold your hand.👬


15/01/2023, 03:01 – Dex Rhymes: I’ll sleep on it. Need my beauty sleep.


16/01/2023, 08:02 – Dex Rhymes: Come with. And jump out of a cake?




26/02/2023, 09:15 – Ricky Vanlu: Recovered from your 🎂 binge? 


26/02/2023, 10:32 – Dex Rhymes: 😂You?


26/02/2023, 10:34 – Ricky Vanlu: All good unless catering serves brownies today 🤮. You should wear party hats more often – softens your ‘tough guy’ image 🥳


26/02/2023, 10:39 – Dex Rhymes: 🥳If you pay me? And buy me a bouncy castle. 


26/02/2023, 11:02 – Ricky Vanlu: OMG you would look so cute in a My Little Pony bouncy castle! I’ll ask production to have one brought to set 🤣


26/02/2023, 11:05 – Dex Rhymes: If I kill you, do you think they’ll let me do your stunts AND say your lines. 


26/02/2023, 11:22 – Ricky Vanlu: Let me coach you on your acting first…


26/02/2023, 11:24 – Dex Rhymes: You gonna teach me to sing as well? 


26/02/2023, 11:43 – Ricky Vanlu: I’m good, but not THAT good!


26/02/2023, 11:45 – Dex Rhymes: Weak man. Weak. You teach me to act. And I’ll teach you to actually ride Sundance for real? 🏇


26/02/2023, 11:47 – Ricky Vanlu: Deal. 🤝




28/02/2023, 13:02 – Dex Rhymes: RICKY. Please tell me you’re ok? Production is freaking out. I for sure am going to get fired. How’s your head? Your face? Anything actually broken? At least it was onto grass. Sorry man. 


28/02/2023, 15:53 – Ricky Vanlu: ⚰️


28/02/2023, 15:54 – Dex Rhymes: Not funny man! I’ve been having a heart attack. All day. Big Pete from Health and Safety practically sawed my bollocks off and shoved them in my mouth. You’re ok though, right? If you’re actually 😵⚰️and it’s Ricky’s Mum reading this – sorry for your loss. Ricky was a dickwad, but he was pretty. 


28/02/2023, 16:32 – Ricky Vanlu: Not so pretty at the mo. Doc says the swelling will take a couple of days to go down. Nothing permanent. Hope you’re a better actor than stunt teacher! You’re gonna need to cover a few more scenes for me.

28/02/2023, 16:34 – Ricky Vanlu: Pretty? 🫣


28/02/2023, 17:02 – Dex Rhymes: Shit. Shoot. What a shitfest. No-one’s going to believe it was an accident. Want to elope and make some money doing kids’ parties. We can get you a mask? 


28/02/2023, 17:22 – Ricky Vanlu: Buy me dinner first? The guy next door says burgers in the hospital canteen are just about edible.


28/02/2023, 17:23 – Ricky Vanlu: It’s the least you can do, considering… 🐎🤕🩼


28/02/2023, 17:25 -Dex Rhymes :I’d catch a grenade for you Throw my hand on a blade for you I’d jump in front of a train for you You know I’d do anything for you…🎶


28/02/2023, 17:26 – Ricky Vanlu: 🍔💝🩺

Week 34

A bit different this week! I wanted to try writing a story back and forth with another creator. My husband, Jeremiah, is an actor and he gamely jumped in to the challenge. So we each sat at our laptops and zipped this back and forth in a google doc.

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