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10 legs, 2 arms

co writing2


P2) Close-up of Christian, one cheek smushed into the countertop, one eye open. Tip of a tentacle entering the frame, nudging a piece of sushi towards his mouth. SFX *nudge* *nudge*


LUCKY: For me.


P3) Lucky has pulled Christian halfway upright (like a marionette), with tentacles lifting him from the back of his polo shirt, an ear, and shoulders.

CHRISTIAN: (chewing/ mouth half open) It’s pretty good.



P4) Christian’s head dropped to his chest.

CHRISTIAN: But I lost so bad. I’ll never make the PGA.


P5) Lucky slaps him around the face



P6) (Close up) Christian sitting upright, stunned, one hand to his cheek. One of Lucky’s tentacles is holding his chin, another is holding a piece of sushi right in front of his face.

LUCKY: What is this? Huh?

CHRISTIAN: Uhhh….sushi?


P7) Lucky is up on the counter, holding court, a wild gleam in his eyes. Christian is staring up at him in shock and awe. 

LUCKY: THIS, my friend, is you.

CHRISTIAN: ….it is?

LUCKY: THIS is all the hopes and dreams of some stupid fish reduced to a mushy lump of protein and carbs. They lost. They quit. They stopped fighting. But you…


P8) Lucky has grabbed Christian’s shirt front and pulled him close, so that Lucky’s fishbowl is pressed against Christian’s forehead, as eyeball-to-eyeball as they can get.


LUCKY: You’ve got me. And I’m Lucky. A winner. A fixer. A fighter. And so are you!


P9) Lucky is on Christian’s shoulder. They are both triumphant and glowing with zeal.

CHRISTIAN: I AM! I’m not a stupid fish! I’m not a mushy lump!

LUCKY: Do it for…for all the other Christians.

They chant back and forth.

CHRISTIAN: The Christians!

LUCKY: The Luckies.

CHRISTIAN: The Luckies!

LUCKY: The Girls.

CHRISTIAN: The girls?

LUCKY: Never mind.

CHRISTIAN: Are you crying?

LUCKY: It’s the wasabi.

CHRISTIAN:  Bring it in!

Week 46

I had company for my short story this week. My husband, Jeremiah, joined me to hash out a short story in a quick comic-ish form.

We came up with the characters and arc together. He played with a combination of drawing and some AI tools to come up with an opening and closing image. And we drafted a script to go between them.

We didn't dig into how this script would actually need to be formatted, as we were going FAST. So we just tried to capture a sense of picture + speech bubble. (Hence P2, P3 etc).

It was a lot of fun! And definitely a form that I want to learn more about.

Also, we started throwing down ideas in separate Word docs, and then took a tip from the Giglios and switched to one Google doc. (I interviewed them on my Comedy Masterclass podcast, about co-writing.)

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